The Sound of Loneliness


Stan Pearson, successful, wealthy, and recently divorced from an unfaithful wife, suddenly leaves his position with a top financial al firm, startling his friends and colleagues. His seniors, including the CEO, encourage him to rethink his decision, but Stan is adamant: He needs a change.

His three adult children, a son and two daughters, stay close to their father as he searches for answers to life’s problems and challenges. Stan embarks on a period of introspection, examining all aspects of his existence—his past life, friendships, likes and dislikes and future career possibilities. 

Then his former college roommate, dean of students at an elite Virginia university, offers him a temporary position teaching business. He accepts the challenge and finds himself in a classroom full of eager but skeptical students who challenge him to the limit.

While at the college he becomes friends with Anne, a lovely young fellow teacher working on her doctorate at the university. She offers Stan advice, and the two eventually become lovers.

When his former CEO offers him a top position at the firm, Stan struggles to decide whether to keep teaching or accept the appointment, wondering whether the young woman with whom he has fallen in love will join him if he accepts a position at the center of New York’s financial district.

Their love is tested to the limits.

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