singer cover Rennie Starr is a long-time church choir soloist with a fine baritone voice. Across the street from his workplace is the Silver Hill Club, a popular nightspot with a small band that plays the same kind of music that he has listened to with his father all his life—classic pop tunes from the 1930s and 40s. One evening Rennie is sitting in the club singing softly along with the band. It's a quiet night with a small crowd, and the owner's wife hears him singing softly to himself  and invites him to try a few numbers with the band. The bandleader checks Rennie out: He knows the songs, he knows the words, and he knows how to sing them. He gets a shot. The club invites him back to sing again—the audience likes him, especially the women. His career has begun, but where will it take him? What will his life be like if he makes it to the top? book cover

The colonel and the sergeant major are proud Marines whose paths have crossed often, and the friendship between the two men transcends traditional officer-enlisted relationships. Years earlier the colonel, then a lieutenant, herlped the young sergeant with a difficult problem, for which he and his family have always been grateful. Later, when the major and his gunnery sergeant serve together in combat, the gunny helps save the  the major's life. The friendship has matured. When the sergeant major's daughter, whom the colonel knew as a young girl, grows into a beautiful, mature woman, life gets complicated. The sergeant major isn't sure his commanding officer is the right match for his daughter. Can the colonel and the sergeant's daughter find a path to romance without damaging their long-time friendship?

cover Captain Jack McMahon, aide to a senior general in the Pentagon, falls in love with attractive Captain Jessica Caldwell, a young officer who stood near the top of her West Point class. Jessica dreams of becoming the first female general in the US Army. Jack’s dream is to become a college professor and writer. When Jack's service is complete, he goes after his dream, but his love for Jessica remains strong. When Jessica is transferred an overseas combat zone, their romance is strained to the limits, but their love is deep. Secure in his position as a teacher, Jack prays for Jessica's safety and quick return, resting his hopes on the fact that he has pledged his love to Jessica forever. The two star-crossed lovers hold onto their dreams , but can they survive the long separation? book cover Kelly McKinnon  is a successful businesswoman, but she is tired and frustrated by a series of troubling events and ready for change. She takes her two teenage children for an extended visit to a cattle ranch in Wyoming owned by her cousin. Outfitted for Western life, the two youngsters become good riders and learn about life on the large spread. A Cheyenne family who live and work  on the ranch introduce Kelly and her two children to the culture of the Cheyenne Nation. Kimi, a young Indian girl, charms both of Kelly's youngsters, and a bond begins to form. By the time they are ready to return to Pennsylvania, they begin towonder whether a permanent move to Wyoming might be something they’d like to experience. Do they stay, or go back home?

The Freeman family are all dreamers. Husband and father John hopes someday to be somebody important, even more important than the mere manager of his very own hardware store. His wife Hannah wants to be wife and mother to a perfect family—good husband, decent, attractive and well behaved, children. Their son Aaron has dreams of becoming a star athlete and perhaps even a professional basketball player. Their beautiful daughter Sally wants to help people—her goal is medical school and a careeras a doctor. But all their dreams are elusive; some may come true, some surely will die. Sometimes even the other people closest to them get in the way. But when members of a struggling family love and support each other, anything is possible.



Stan, a successful stock broker, suddenly quits his job, startling friends and colleagues. Is it a midlife crisis, or merely a new start? Stan's children help their father search for answers to life’s bigger challenges. The CEO of his company persuades Stan to keep his options open, but he insists on taking an extended break from his routine. Stan accepts an offer froma friend to teach at a small nearby college and lands in a classroom of eager but skeptical students. Anne, a beautiful young graduate student, offers Stan advice, and the two become friends and lovers. When his former  CEO offers him a top position in the firm he left , Stan must decide whether to keep teaching or accept the appointment. Will Anne, with whom he has fallen in love, join him in his new position?


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