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Here are titles of some of my recent books. If you would like to see more or read the first chapter, click on the title. All are available in Amazon.

Grounded in a Storm

An Air Force pilot and a lonely woman meet during a storm in the Dallas airport. By the time they reach their destination, their lives have begun to change.

The Lady and the Law

A young widow who lost her husband in a boating accident discovers that his death may be related to a fraud investigation in his former company.

All That Joy Can Give

Two young army officers working for senior generals in the Pentagon struggle to find the balance between their officials duties and their love for each other.

Under Wyoming Skies

A divorced mother of two teenagers takes them on a vacation to a cattle ranch in Wyoming ranch, an experience that changes their lives.

The Sound of Loneliness

A senior executive in a financial firm, recently divorced from an unfaithful wife, suddenly quits his job and goes through a lengthy period of introspection as his three adult children worry about their father.

Elusive Dreams

A happy family—or a growing nightmare? John, Hannah, Aaron and Sally all have dreams. But are they even attainable when troubles pile up?

Updated April 19, 2021